Fee Policy / Structure

September 2017 – June 2018


The fees are due in three equal installments at the beginning of each term. Please note that the fees are non-refundable whether you leave the country or choose to take your child out of the kindergarten.

Sick days

No adjustments to fees are made for children who do not attend the kindergarten due to illness.


Absences for more than 10 days without notification will result in your child’s place being revoked and given to the next child on our waiting list.

Kindergarten closures

Fees are calculated on a term basis taking into account public and religious holidays, therefore there is no reduction in fees during months when the kindergarten is closed for holidays. The exception to this policy is the summer holiday.

  • The registration fee is non refundable.
  • 15% discount applies to siblings.

Due Dates For Payment of Fees

1st Term Autumn 2017: September 2017

2nd Term Spring 2018: January 2018

3rd Term Summer 2018: April 2018

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee (Pre-School/Reception)

  • 1st term : QR 13,500
  • 2nd term : QR 12,250
  • 3rd term : QR 12,250

Registration Fee QR 2000 (This is a non-refundable once-off fee for every new child)

Fees for all activity per year QR 1000

Dates subject to change in line with declared official holidays in Qatar.

Term dates 2017/2018 are subject to approval by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.